Pirate Actor, Magician and entertainer Captain Corbin

Captain Corbin is an incredible Pirate Actor. He is a highly trained actor with over 25 years performance experience. He is also a skilled magician and improvisational performer who can add a lot to your event.

Pirate Actor, Magician and Comedian

Captain Corbin is a very funny pirate. He has spent the past quarter century entertaining all kinds of audiences. Therefore you know his experience has taught him how to work just about any crowd. The Captain has traveled all over North America performing on stages, at schools, libraries fairs and festivals. His shows are engaging, funny and Family friendly. As a result everyone in your group will be equally entertained. Corbin is adept at entertaining children as well as a group of adults. Therefore you can be assured of a great show, no matter who shows up.

A custom presentation

Corbins presentations are engaging and fun, and no two shows are alike. As a result, every performance, is customized to be perfect for your special event. Do you need a pirate actor in you video? Would your child like a surprise visit from a pirate? Do you have a group of guests that require some amazing pirate themed entertainment? whether it be a show, a surprise visit or a spot in your movie, Captain Corbin is the perfect pirate for the job.

Captain Corbin’s Pirate character is a Disney esque type of scallywag. You will not see a gun on his belt, or hear any foul language. Therefore his presentations can entertain all ages. You will see a good representation of a Hollywood or Disney like pirate. A old laced shirt, leather baldric and tricorn hat, bright red sash and big pirate boots. Captain Corbin looks like he stepped out of a pirates of the Caribbean movie. Walking around your event almost larger then life with a Captain Hook type curly handlebar moustache to finish the job.

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