The Pirate magician performs in Niagara Falls Ontario on New Years eve

A few years ago Captain Corbin the magic pirate performed a magic show in Niagara Falls ontario on New Years eve. Captain Corbin the pirate magician performs all over North America and he’s often in Niagara Falls year round performing at all kinds of locations. Many times throughout the year he performs his family friendly magic shows at the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. A few years ago he performed magic at another water park magician in Niagara. The incredible Americana water park. Corbin performed at the Americana on New Years eve in 2015. It was an incredible New Years eve party entertainment and there was a huge crowd. There was a juggler, another magician then Corbin the family friendly pirate finished the stage entertainment with his pirate themed magic show. The New year was counted down shortly after that and we all had a pirate party.

This New Years Captain Corbin will be in disguise as The Amazing Corbin and He will be back in Niagara Falls, this time performing at the Great Wolf Lodge. Children’s entertainment that is fun for the whole family. I hope I see you out there!

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The Captain Corbin television magic show on Rogers was a pirate party hit!

Many years ago I had the pleasure of performing a magic show on Rogers television in London Ontario. l say it was a magic show, but it was more like a sketch comedy. It was full of hilarious skits and funny scenes as well as clips from magic shows that I had performed in the area. The show aired on Rogers television in London, St. Thomas and I believe Strathroy ontario.

The shows premise was that Captain Corbin, a Pirate had sailed to the area because he had received a message in a bottle that told him there was treasure at the library. The scenes had the Captain trying to find his way through town to get to the library while at the same time, dealing with weird situations that crop up. The Captain’s first mate goes missing, his passengers on the ship cause trouble and everywhere he goes he stops to perform a bit of magic. The Captain Corbin eventually ends up at the St. Thomas public library where he discovers that the treasure he was seeking at the library was books! The librarian explains that books are like treasure chests and the stories they hold are the treasure within, so Captain Corbin borrows a stack of books to take back to the ship. The show ends with the Captain sailing off into the sunset.

It was a lot of fun to shoot this television show. It was also a lot of work. I myself wrote the script and thought everything up. It took a couple weeks to get all the footage. In the end, it was very well received and was played on television many times that year. I had always hoped to do more shows, with the same basic idea. It would highlight different places in the region. for instance Captain Corbin hears there is treasure at the Musem, or there is treasure at the school, or there is treasure at the park and each show would teach the children that there was more to treasure then just silver and gold. Hopefully showcasing different places along the way and teaching children to look at things differently. It was not to be however, due to cutbacks Rogers television left my hometown and the nearest location was not interested in doing the show again. Perhaps one day we will do it again in a different format. maybe a youtube show? If you are interested in help send me a message!

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Captain Corbin removes the costume and performs at Trade Shows all over North America

For more formal events, Trade shows, banquets and awards ceremonies Captain Corbin removes the pirate costume, puts on a suit and entertains with his incredible sleight of hand skill. ┬áCaptain Corbin has performed for many years as Corbin the charming cheat and as Corbin the trade show magician. At Trade shows Corbin draws a crowd to the exhibit booth and entertains the crowd while sharing the clients message. It’s always an incredible show of close up magic, but the real magic is in the fact that clients always see a noticeable rise in the amount of sales. The simple explanation is Corbin brings more people to the booth. for more information visit trade show magician

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Pirate Magician Captain Corbin Brings magic and a pirate ship to the Burford fair!

Performing at fairs and festivals are a lot of fun. It often involved stage performances and strolling magic. The magic stage shows are always large extravaganzas full of great magic and illusions to thrill the crowd. It’s a lot of family friendly fun and children’s entertainment. I really enjoy strolling magic, walking around the fair or festival entertainment with my close up magic. Strolling magic at a festival is fun because I get to meet and greet the people and talk with them at the same time as showing my awesome magic.

Recently at the Burford Fair in Ontario I not only performed my pirate magic on stage and walking around, but I also brought my pirate ship. The pirate ship ( I call it my shrunken pirate ship of fun ) is a 10 foot long wooden pirate ship on wheels. It’s full of detailed decorations – tiny skulls, little barrels, cannons and more! I’ve got a treasure chest on the main deck that kids can reach in to pull out a treasure of their own. Not only does the ship look great, it’s very functional at events. Inside I’ve hidden a very loud professional sound system that allows me to play my pirate music and amplify my voice. It’s a great draw at any event and I hope you get to see it very soon!

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Reading Treasures literacy based pirate themed magic show a hit at libraries across Canada

Entertaining and educational magic shows are always a big hit at libraries and schools across Ontario and Canada. Captain Corbin ┬áthe magical pirate enjoys customizing his shows to add that educational aspect. Reading treasures is a pirate themed magic show with a lot of literacy based magic effects in the show. The pirate Captain Corbin uses his pirate magic book and gets the children involved in the show helping him. During the interactive pirate magic show Children’s entertainer Corbin has all kinds of fun with magic. Magic tricks that involve spelling, reading and literacy is the focus of the show and all the children learn that reading is a Treasure! Captain Corbin tells the children that books are just like treasure chests, when you open both you find the treasure inside. With books, the story inside is the treasure. All the children have a lot of fun and make memories that last a long, long time. Having Captain Corbin come to your school or library is a sure fire way to put a smile on every Childs face. During March Break 2019 Captain Corbin will be sailing to the Chatham-kent libraries to perform his Reading Treasures show for all the children there. I hope to see everyone at my Chatham library magic shows in March of 2019

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Magic pirate strolling close up magic show wandering pirate character Captain Corbin

A strolling magic show performance is a lot different from a magic and illusion show on stage. There is less work setting up the show, as with a strolling performance I’m ready as soon as I’m in costume. A stage show however is not better or worse then the strolling wandering magic show, it’s just different. A strolling magic show performance is perfect for events where there is a lot going on, the attendees are all over a wide area, there is no performance stage or many other reasons. Recently I performed my strolling pirate magic show in St. Thomas Ontario at the Joe thorton community centre arena.

A magic and illusion show may take over an hour to set up the show. preparing equipment, sound systems, curtains etc. A strolling performance is almost good to go as soon as I arrive. When I recently performed in St. Thomas I was able to walk right into the event and begin as soon as I marched in the doors. And I did march in. I marched in to pirate music! Before I arrived on sight I stopped nearby for lunch and was able to change into my pirate shirt. That allowed me to be able to quickly hop out of my vehicle and put on the accessories in the parking lot. My pirate sash, hat and baldric was all I needed. When I stroll around the event performing magic I like to have a table to travel with me to perform on. It’s not required, but it helps when I want to show more formal pieces of close up magic. After experimenting with a variety of smaller tables I decided authenticity counts and I now use a huge 60 gallon oak wine barrel on wheels! this thing is big and to see a pirate pushing around a huge barrel is quite a site. The barrel also has a door which allows me to fill it with my equipment and a small sound system. Something I would not be able to do with a smaller table. So in the parking lot of the Joe thorton community center I finish my costume, remove my barrel from the vehicle, turn on my sound system which plays nautical themed music and I push the unit up to and through the front doors making quite the entrance as a pirate with great background magic. After my grand entrance the performance begins and I wander around the room performing my incredible close up magic on top of my barrel and in the spectators hands. Strolling pirate magic makes a huge impression and creates fun memories that will last a very very long time!

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A tropical pirate Christmas holiday magic show

This weekend I’ve been “sailing” all over North America with my tropical pirate themed Christmas magic show. What does a pirate do in the winter? Well, Santa may rest in the summer, but a pirate never rests. I’ve been performing my Christmas pirate shows all over the place. Magic shows with a pirate theme are a lot of fun at Christmas parties and special events. Why have a normal magician when you can liven up your employee holiday party with a bit of pirate magic fun? My holiday corporate pirate magic shows are full of interactive pirate magic and Christmas themed magic. My pirate magic sword turns into a candy cane, my first mate becomes a frozen snowman and at the end of the show instead of a magic Christmas tree, Captain Corbin puts out his Christmas barrel which magically fills with all his Christmas wishes, a long red and green garland of jewels, lots of root beer and of course gold, which he immediately throws out to the audience.

This past weekend I performed for childcan Canada in London Ontario.

The show for Childcan went very well. It was the first time they had a large magic show at their holiday party. I had performed for them at the Highland golf club in London Ontario last year as well, but at the time I only performed my strolling or table hopping magic entertaining the children. They loved it so much they had me back for the full magic show this past weekend. I must admit I think I surprised them with how awesome the show went. Upon arrival the first thing I always do is set up my music. At a Christmas party instead of pirate music for pre show warm up, I play some of the most popular Christmas classics to get everyone in the mood. This was the first surprise for the client. The music always adds a lot to an event and it’s often the last thing people think about. During my show the music switches to an instrumental nautical themed background noise and the performance begins. I remember the organizers ushering the children to me for the show, then wandering off. A few minutes after I began the show however, everything seemed to stop and all the adults began gathering around my audience to watch. That was another surprises as they did not expect my show would be interesting to them, but of course it always is. A professional magic show that is family friendly and interesting to all ages. At the end of the performance I received many positive comments and was immediately booked for next year. If you’ve never had a pirate magician at your holiday parties I would highly recommend it! Tons of fun, Ahoy!

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Captain Corbin the pirate magician performs magic shows at birthday parties across Ontario

Ahoy all,

One of my great pleasures is traveling to all my pirate friends wherever they may be and performing a bit of birthday party magic for them on their special days. Due to travel costs I don’t often get to do this for birthdays outside of Ontario, but inside of Ontario I am kept busy sailing me four wheeled ship to all the major towns, cities and countrysides of this province to perform.

A pirate themed magic show for a birthday party is a bit more special then the big shows I perform on stages. The show has a much more personal feel. and the magic is a lot more close up and fun. Very interactive I get the children involved in the show. Especially the birthday child and we have a pirate party that will be remembered for a long time after.

I have two different sized birthday parties to suit most needs. The Deluxe party includes a lot of interaction and I use 3-4 children during the show as assistants in the show. The Birthday child plays a very special role in the magic show finale, which is often a small illusion.

I used to surprise the birthday child with an illusion of my choice, however for the last 10 years or so I’ve left that choice up to the birthday child. It’s so much fun to give the birthday child an option of what illusion he or she would like to assist me with at the end of my show. Some of my choices include making their head disappear, then passing a dozen swords through it, levitating the child in the air and sawing the child in half. Often the birthday child requests I saw their sister in half at the show!

There are lots of options for a custom performance as well. Early booking is highly recommended, not only to ensure availability but the sooner you book the more time I have to customize the birthday party magic show to be perfect to your event.

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Captain Corbin the magic pirate performs magic shows at White Oaks mall in London Ontario

This past summer Captain Corbin the magical pirate performed a variety of shows in London Ontario. One of his best performances was during the summer at London’s White Oaks Mall. The White Oaks mall is a large shopping center filled with all the major stores and They were having a fun, family friendly event. The Captain Corbin pirate themed magic show as well received and the mall was packed with children who came to watch the show. The interactive magic show had many children in the audience come onstage to assist the magician pirate with routines and during the grand finale the pirate threw his gold coins into the audience. Great fun magic show and The pirate will return very soon.

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Magic Pirate Captain Corbin performs magic shows on Muskoka steamships in Gravenhurst Ontario

Ahoy all,

For the past twelve years, I’ve been hosting pirate cruises on the Wenonah 2 from The Muskoka steamships and discovery centre. The ships dock in Gravenhurst Ontario at the Wharf and have a rich history. Every Summer Captain Corbin takes over the Wenonah and takes families on a two hour pirate cruise on beautiful lake muskoka. The cruise is full of magic shows, pirate hi-jinks and excitement. Many cottagers in the area dress up in pirate costume and take to the lake in their boats to “attack” our ship. It’s a lot of fun. Aboard the ship Captain Corbin encourages the young children pirates to yell and hoot at the boats like little pirates. Often we are boarded by enemy pirates (actors) who try and start a mutiny, but are overthrown, then thrown over the sids of the ship. Man Overboard! It’s all in good fun though and the cruise ends with the magic pirate finding a bit of treasure to share with all the children. If you ever get to Gravenhurst Ontario this is an event you will not want to miss!


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