Winter festival entertainment

Captain Corbin has provided winter festival entertainment for many years. Corbin has performed at outdoor festivals, fairs and all kinds of holiday event entertainment. As a result, he can overcome many challenges faced with outdoor shows in cold weather.

Winter festival entertainment

I am Captain Corbin and I have been performing all over North America for close to 25 years. Family friendly, fun and highly interactive pirate themed magic shows. Therefore my shows hold attention and entertain crowds. My shows last for approximately 45 minutes, however they can be customized to suit any stage schedule. As a result, they can fit into whatever time slot you have available. Custom performances designed to be perfect for your winter festival, holiday party or outdoor event entertainment.

A winter pirate

A pirate is probably the last thing anyone is thinking of in the cold winter. However a tropical pirate themed show is just the thing to warm up to on a cold day. The nautical themed show, and great music will have everyone thinking of warmer Caribbean climates. The magic is incredible as well and will take people away to a tropical pirate adventure. As a result your audience will have a great time.

Captain Corbin brings everything required for a great show every time. I’ve been performing for many years. As a result there is no challenge I’ve not overcome. I bring my microphones, sound system and music. all you need to supply is the audience. As a result, nothing needs to be rented or prepared for my arrival.

Custom shows for Fairs and winter festival entertainment

Every fair is different, as a result I customize each show to be perfect. Often I can incorporate a secondary theme into the show. In the past I’ve performed literacy based pirate themed shows, Math-a-magic shows, recycling themed pirate shows and many more. Let me know what theme you have at your event and with enough lead time there is a great chance I can perform something special for you.

I have traveled with my pirate themed magic shows all over North America. For more information, pictures and videos you can visit my facebook page

Availability is limited and early booking is strongly recommended

Contact Captain Corbin today 1-855-626-7246

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