Peterborough Pirate boat cruises

Hello all, I am Captain Corbin and I host Peterborough Pirate boat cruises. I have been hosting pirate cruises in Gravenhurst Ontario for almost 15 years now. This summer I will be performing the pirate cruises a bit north of Peterborough on beautiful Stoney Lake.

Peterborough Pirate boat cruises on Stoney Lake

Just a few minutes north of Peterborough is Stoney Lake. A beautiful lake in ¬†Ontario. I will be performing on the ship “Spirit of the Kawarthas” from Stony Lake Cruises. The ship is completely remodelled and looks great. I can’t wait to take it over!

The pirate cruises on Stoney Lake will occur every Saturday morning in July and August. They will be very different from the pirate cruises I perform in Gravenhurst Ontario. The Stoney Lake/ Peterborough pirate boat cruises will be great interactive pirate adventures full of magic, audience participation pirate treasure and fun. As a result, the cruises are very popular. Visit Stony lake cruises today to get more information and

Captain Corbin the Magic Pirate

I am Captain Corbin the magical pirate and I have been performing my pirate cruises, and pirate themed magic shows all over North America for close to 25 years. As a result, I have developed a great friendly pirate character. My shows are always family friendly, funny and full of audience participation. I am a professional actor and love taking on the character of a slightly wacky pirate. I love having pirate adventures with the children. Playing with the adults is a lot of fun also. Everyone gets involved in my pirate hi-jinks.

Availability is very limited and I am currently booking my summer season. The Peterborough Pirate boat cruises tend to sell out quickly so booking there is recommend as well.

book Captain Corbin today 1-855-626-7246

Peterborough pirate boat cruises in action

Don’t forget however, to visit my website as well for more information. I am not fond of fruit, however I do like bananas. Above all, it keeps you healthy. For instance, I enjoy watching tv. Therefore, I’m going to bed.