Pirate themed birthdays with Captain Corbin

I perform Pirate themed birthdays and all kinds of other types of magic shows. Sometimes I’m on a big stage at a theatre or festival and sometimes I’m performing magic on my barrel in the park. Every show I perform is family friendly and a lot of fun. I have been on stage at The Grand Theater in London Ontario and I’ve performed in Windsor Ontario at the Devonshire Mall.  I have truly enjoyed every performance. Some of my favourite shows however, have been at private birthday parties. I have a blast performing pirate themed birthdays. As Captain Corbin my pirate themed magic shows are engaging, entertaining and fun!

A Pirate themed birthday party is a very special event. A child’s birthday is remembered for a long time filled with picture perfect moments. During my show I fill the performance with memorable situations and photo opportunities. Each birthday is customized to be perfect and it all begins with the pre show communications.

Customizing pirate themed birthdays

Once the time and date of the event has been scheduled the customization begins. The show is pirate themed, however inside the show many more personalized effects are included. Some of the questions I ask include; what is the birthday boy’s favourite television shows, Games, Sports, hobbies, etc. What are your birthday party ideas and how can they be incorporated into the show. I ask about the child’s likes and dislikes and any other information that is important. After all those questions and more, I go to work designing the perfect pirate themed birthday magic show. Booking early is highly recommended for this very purpose! I love the challenge of last minute bookings, but the longer I have to work on the show the more personal it becomes.

On the day of the show I arrive in full costume very early. As Captain Corbin the magical pirate I don’t want the children to see me as anything other then the pirate. With pirate music playing out of a small speaker attached to my pirate sash I knock on the front door and announce my presence. After meeting the most important birthday child, I set up in the predetermined area and with my pirate music playing in the background I wait until all the guests have arrived to begin my pirate themed birthday.

The show lasts about 45min. and is full of family friendly fun and engaging magic. Every show is customized, no two shows are alike. Each is designed to be age appropriate for the birthday child and include his likes. Contact me for more details!

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Niagara Falls Pirate performs on New Years eve

A few years ago Captain Corbin the magic pirate performed a magic show in Niagara Falls ontario on New Years eve. Captain Corbin the pirate magician performs all over North America and he’s often in Niagara Falls year round performing at all kinds of locations. Many times throughout the year he performs his family friendly magic shows at the Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls. A few years ago he performed magic at another water park magician in Niagara. The incredible Americana water park. Corbin performed at the Americana on New Years eve in 2015. It was an incredible New Years eve party entertainment and there was a huge crowd. There was a juggler, another magician then Corbin the family friendly pirate finished the stage entertainment with his pirate themed magic show. The New year was counted down shortly after that and we all had a pirate party.

This New Years Captain Corbin will be in disguise as The Amazing Corbin and He will be back in Niagara Falls, this time performing at the Great Wolf Lodge. Children’s entertainment that is fun for the whole family. I hope I see you out there!

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The Captain Corbin television magic show on Rogers was a pirate party hit!

Many years ago I had the pleasure of performing a magic show on Rogers television in London Ontario. l say it was a magic show, but it was more like a sketch comedy. It was full of hilarious skits and funny scenes as well as clips from magic shows that I had performed in the area. The show aired on Rogers television in London, St. Thomas and I believe Strathroy ontario.

The shows premise was that Captain Corbin, a Pirate had sailed to the area because he had received a message in a bottle that told him there was treasure at the library. The scenes had the Captain trying to find his way through town to get to the library while at the same time, dealing with weird situations that crop up. The Captain’s first mate goes missing, his passengers on the ship cause trouble and everywhere he goes he stops to perform a bit of magic. The Captain Corbin eventually ends up at the St. Thomas public library where he discovers that the treasure he was seeking at the library was books! The librarian explains that books are like treasure chests and the stories they hold are the treasure within, so Captain Corbin borrows a stack of books to take back to the ship. The show ends with the Captain sailing off into the sunset.

It was a lot of fun to shoot this television show. It was also a lot of work. I myself wrote the script and thought everything up. It took a couple weeks to get all the footage. In the end, it was very well received and was played on television many times that year. I had always hoped to do more shows, with the same basic idea. It would highlight different places in the region. for instance Captain Corbin hears there is treasure at the Musem, or there is treasure at the school, or there is treasure at the park and each show would teach the children that there was more to treasure then just silver and gold. Hopefully showcasing different places along the way and teaching children to look at things differently. It was not to be however, due to cutbacks Rogers television left my hometown and the nearest location was not interested in doing the show again. Perhaps one day we will do it again in a different format. maybe a youtube show? If you are interested in help send me a message!

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